Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring! Celebrated with Chocolate Sugar Cookies

 Oh I love the warmer weather!  The flowers are scratching their way through winter's decay into the honey lit mornings.  The breeze carries the bouquet of hycinth mingled with fresh rain drops.  New life can be seen exploring, tasting the first rich green clovers of the season.  Spring brings new beginnings.  Also, new experimentations with sugar cookie recipes. 
Sweet baby bunny early in the morning!  Captured with Iphone.

Here was the first attempt with that!  Chocolate sugar cookies...with disco dust!  I won't post the recipe yet.  One, because I didn't write it down and I'm not sure I remember it.  Two, it needs another tweek or two. 

See how fun they look! 

I found a delightful place to order the disco dust offline, for cheap.  I've loved the possibilites with it since I first saw it on Marion's blog, Sweetopia.net.  She has lovely tutorials on how to use it.  The only things that bother me about it are: 1. It will get EVERYWHERE.  It ended up on a shirt and pants of my husband's and they weren't even in the room at the time.  2. It doesn't come off the cookie easily in the areas where you don't want it.  I wanted to preserve as much of the excess dust too and since it gets everywhere it was a bit of a lost cause.  That being said, I LOVE it. 

I put it on cakes and cupcakes first.  See... 

Just a shimmer!  I had to.  I'd just bought it!

Don't think you can tell well in the pic but it's sprinkled all over.

There are so many possibilities with sugar cookies.  I'm going to try several different flavors too.  Keep checking back to see how they turn out and to get the recipes yourself!

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