Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Day

God bless teachers!

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.  I think almost everyone has been touched emotionally by a teacher in some way.  I've had several teachers who said some not so nice things to me or about me, and even they managed to make me a better student or person, if nothing more than to prove them wrong.  I've also had some really inspiring teachers over the years too.  Brave individuals who stood against what was wrong and instilled in us what was right.  No matter the teacher this is your day! 

I meant to write a tutorial on some cupcake cookie combos today, but alas, life got in the way and the sugar cookies aren't finished.  Maybe I'll get them all ready for the first day of school instead (naturally, I'll have to eat the ones I made now and redo them later--Whoops!).  I did manage to make some carrot cupcakes and some little fondant apples and worms (why are worms in apples associated with teachers?).  I'd like to dedicate them to my favorite teacher-in-training, Miss Putt.  One of my favorite people, in fact.  She has really worked hard to be an inspiration to the future minds of this nation.  I was going to drop these off for her to enjoy today at work, but she is at home trying to finish her thesis in order to be a real, live, grown-up teacher!
The cupcakes were leftover batter from a carrot cake made for a birthday.  If the top of the leveled carrot cake is any indicator, and I believe it is, of the inside of the carrot cupcakes, this is an awesome recipe.  
Look at all those chopped carrots!

He's smiling at you : D

So even if you don't have time to make something for the teachers in your life, maybe you could just drop them an sweet email or handwritten note, thanking them for all they do and all they put up with. 

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  1. You're the best Libberlicious, made me cry :) Thank you so much.

    Miss Putt